Audio Systems of the 21st Century implement Voice over IP (VoIP) technology to significantly expand the scope of available functions compared to traditional analog audio systems of the past.

Speech picked up by a microphone is encoded into digital audio streams, transmitted over IP Networks at the speed of light, then decoded back to analog audio, amplified and played out over speakers.  Intelligent and configurable interface and control systems enable operators to control and link input and output devices of all types.  VoIP systems can be as simple as room to room intercoms or as advanced as linking a hand held radio to the International Space Station.  VoIP audio systems enhance productivity and increase safety, contact us to determine how they can help you. 

Control System

Depending on the model, the Control system is either an embedded micro-processor or a PC based Server.  Client software is typically used to program the system.


Speakers range from small in-the-ear size to large arrays capable of broadcasting audio several miles.  Trailer mounted and/or Portable speaker solutions also exist for law enforcement and crowd control applications.


A broad range of microphones are available for indoor and outdoor conditions, including explosion rate environments.  Microphones can be hard mounted, portable, wireless, etc. depending on the solution requirements.  Call to detail your requirements, and consultation on the most appropriate solution. 

Microphone Noise Cancellation

Noise cancellation devices when put inline with the microphone can eliminate external noises from being encoded and transmitted to the speaker or recorder.  Noise cancellation dramatically improves the ability to understand voices from noisy environments.  One of the harshest environments Patronus Laboratories has successfully implemented noise cancellation is in Prisoner Transport Buses.  The engine and road noise heard in un-insulated aluminum vehicles makes person to person conversation difficult, but with noise cancellation and sensitive microphones whispers can be recorder and clearly understood.  Call us for details and assistance in solution design.

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