Traditional old school Grey Steel Boxes do not meet several vital criteria for modern electronics enclosures.  A typical Grey Steel box does not:

  • Offer High Security mounting and locking options
    • The MOD-Box offer a range of high security mounting and locking options.
  • Offer corrosion resistance - Carbon Steel if exposed to water, salt, air will rust and not stop rusting even if retreated with anti-corrosion compounds. 
    • The Mod-Box are protected with a durable polyurethane to prevent oxidization, but if scratched aluminum oxide forms on the metal's surface and acts like a protective, rust-resistant shield.
  • Offer MERV 5 or 11 filtration - typical boxes offer 3/4" conduit vents with a screen or small external add-on fans with tiny filters only on the air intake.
    • The Mod-Box internal, integrated ventilation intake and exhaust are filtered with customer selected MERV 5 or MERV 11 filters keeping electronics free from airborne particulate matter allowing them to expel heat as designed, increasing the expected life of valuable devices.
  • Effective temperature control
    • The MOD-Box natural convection cooling design is through 10"x10"x1" filters on the intake (Bottom) and exhaust (Top) allowing free-flow air exchange.  Optional programmable temperature controlled fans evacuate the air in the box 2-3 times per minute ensuring ambient temperatures inside the enclosure.
      • The MOD-Boxes durable gloss-white polyurethane coating over aluminum reflects XX% of the suns energy as compared to typical mat-grey paint over steel that reflects only XX% of the suns energy.  The suns energy not reflected is absorbed as heat, effectively cooking the internal devices.
      • Each increase of 18°F over a baseline of 77°F decreases the expected life of typical electronic by 50%.
    • Empty box direct sun tests at 75°F ambient temperature show that the mat-gray steel box internal temperatures are up to 25°F hotter inside than gloss-white polyurethane coating over aluminum MOD-Boxes.
  • Offer modular options to scale the enclosure capacity
    • The MOD-Box design facilitates removing the Lid and stacking multiple boxes, therefore increasing the internal capacity of the enclosure eliminating the requirement to install multiple separate boxes with interconnecting conduit and also reduces the number of different enclosures to specify, stock, learn to install, etc. 


The Basic MOD-Box consists of three parts:
  • MOD-Box
  • Lid
  • Shelf


Numerous options are available, contact us for design assistance on your specific needs.  Options include:
  • Multiple MOD-Boxes stacked
  • Mounting
  • Filtration
  • Fan Kits
  • Heaters and Air-conditioners
  • Back planes
  • Slide out Folding Back planes
  • 19" internal rack
  • External mounting accessories
  • Grid Tie power systems, with or without battery backup
  • Solar Power systems
  • Etc.

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