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What do we do?

In the modern security environment, off-the-shelf security systems are increasingly severely inadequate to address the dynamic operational requirements of business, industry and government. We specialize in building custom solutions to complex problems using all manufacturers and technologies available. Until Patronus Laboratories was founded, this type of service was only provided to large governments and international corporations. While we do serve those customers as well, Patronus has streamlined this process making it available and affordable to the average organization. Our customers don't ask us what our system will do, they tell us what they need their system to do - and we make it happen. 

Fundamentally, Patronus Laboratories Corp. is an international solution provider specializing in the design, development, production, integration and implementation of mission critical security systems.

As a "solutions provider", we engage at all levels and in all aspects of technology based security; and our forte is cutting edge applications.

We pride ourselves on providing an easily accessible knowledge base for our customers. No job is too big or too small, and we are always readily available for free consultation.

We have experts in virtually every aspect of security technology, and critically, if we don't know the answer to your question, we know who to call. We maintain relationships with Universities, private researches, manufacturers and individual visionaries. If it can be done, we know who can do it.

Patronus is unique in the industry. While we do maintain our own line of security hardware and software, we do not limit our solutions to our line. We routinely integrate with hundreds of manufacturers and we maintain very strong relationships with all of them - often assisting those manufacturers in their own development.

Simple or Complex - (and the conversation is always free) 

  • Do you need to know which IP camera is best suited to your application - Give us a call
  • Do you need to know if SmartCards or Iris Scanners is the best technology for your facility - Give us a call
  • Do you need to know if automated UAV's are the right solution for you - Give us a call
  • Do you need to Leak Detection added to your under water oil pipeline - Give us call
  • Do you need to track objects around the world in real-time - Give us a call
  • Do you need to design a camera from scratch to meet a specific need - Give us a call
  • Do you need to integrate all of these technologies into ONE seamless system - Give us a call

 This is what we do every day...


Call us

Call us on 1-818-232-7726 and we'll be happy to answer any questions you have.

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