Governments and militaries represent a unique breed of client with stringent functional and operational concerns. Patronus Laboratories has been servicing this segment of the mission critical market since our inception. We employ ex-military individuals in a multitude of capacities from the executive level to on-site support personnel. There is no job we take more seriously than protecting the men and women in uniform around the world.

In additional to our own prodigious capabilities, we regularly work with the largest and most creative defense contractors to create effective and efficient solutions to address the dynamic challenges faced by the armed forces.

Our solutions regularly include a wide array of technological integrations such as:

  • CCTV Cameras
    • Imagers: Standard, Mega-Pixel High Definition, Thermal
    • Housings: Professional, Armored, PTZ, Hazardous Environment, Ballistic Resistant, Covert and Overt housings
    • Lenses: Fixed and Zoom from Fish-eye to long range zoom
    • Illuminators: Halogen, LED, Fixed and Variable Beam LASER
    • Spectrums: White, Near-Infrared, Infrared
    • Analytics: Virtual Fence, Directional Travel, Facial Recognition, License Plate Recognition
  • CCTV Recorders
    • Embedded Appliance, PC-Based, Server Based, Mobile
    • Stand-Alone, Enterprise
  • Power Products
    • Generation: Fuel Efficient Generators, Wind Power, Solar Power
    • Modification: Conditioners, Transformers, Rectifiers
    • Storage
      • Chargers
      • Batteries
      • UPS (on grid and off-grid)
    • Access Control
      • ID Technologies: UPC Card, Mag-stripe, Proximity, Smart Card, Fingerprint, Handprint, Iris
      • Detection Technologies: Video Virtual Fence, Fiber Optic, Seismic Analytic, Ground Radar, Sub-surface SONAR
      • Software: Platform Independent Enterprise Class
      • Integration: Video, Perimeter, RADAR, SONAR
    • Communications Integration & Management
      • Cellular, Satellite
      • Wireless Radio
      • Internet Protocol
      • Analog
    • GPS Tracking
      • Man, Vehicle mounted systems
      • Location Tracking, Speed Tracking, Course Deviation, Video Integration
    • PSIM
      • Physical Security Information Management solutions
    • Unmanned Remotely Operated Vehicles
      • Ground – Inanimate Threat Neutralization
      • Ground – Animate Threat Interdiction
      • Arial – Disaster Response
      • Arial – Maintenance
      • Arial – Security/Surveillance

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Our Customers

Patronus Labs has provided consultation, design, manufacturing, and system solutions to many of the most demanding and discerning clients in the world. While many customers wish to remain anonymous, for obvious reasons, a few are listed below:


(All international services subject ITAR restrictions and U.S. State Department approval) 

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