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See everything, Hear everything, Record everything, and Archive everything!

Solution Overview

Patronus Labs has created a scalable, configurable and customizable Enterprise Class Mobile Video and Audio recording solution for law enforcement applications.  The system scales from 1 to 16 channels of High Resolution Video with perfectly synchronized audio on every channel. 

With the Prisoner Transport Video software and a Touch Screen Monitor the Officer has the ability to:

  1. Tag an event/time during transport for later review;
  2. Instantly capture an image of all cameras simultaneously;
  3. Live view of 1 or all cameras and instant playback to review suspicious activity;
  4. Single or multi-channel playback at slow speed, normal speed or fast speed; and,
  5. Listen to one or more prisoners in real-time, playback, or instant playback mode.

Combining the Prisoner Transport Video software with out optional Professional Grade Microphones coupled with Noise Cancellation DSPs ensures prisoner conversations are recorded with evidence grade clarity in all noise conditions.  Sensitive microphones pickup prisoner conversations down to a whisper and when used in conjunction with our Professional Grade Noise Cancellation DSPs efficiently remove environmental noise so those whispers can be heard and understood in playback - or live via wired or wireless headsets which can be used by officers while the vehicle is in operation. 

The Officer headset works in conjunction with the 10.1” or 15” Sun-light Readable Touch Screen monitor (no keyboard or mice required) for simplified and effective in transit passenger operation.  

The Prisoner Transport Video system is installed in custom built Prisoner Transport trucks during initial build or as a retrofit option.  Contact us for detailed product information and custom solution support for your vehicle.

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