Transportation administrators bear tremendous responsibility to both secure the safety of patrons and accomplish the task in a manner which is consistent, if not complimentary, to the normal course of business. While often perceived as diametrically opposed, Patronus routinely assists our clients to implement the highest security standards and procedures while simultaneously maintaining the friendly and inviting atmosphere required by the various service industries which operate within the high-security environment.
Within the transportation sector, Patronus services:
  • Airline Administrative & Maintenance Facilities
  • Airports – Local and International
  • Bus Terminals
  • Fixed Base Operator (FBO) Services
  • General Aviation Facilities
  • Helipads
  • Multi-modal Transportation Terminals
  • Parking Facilities
  • Rail Transport
  • Retail
  • Tourism Operations
  • Trucking Companies

Organizations engaged in transportation services are expected develop operational security strategies which include loss prevention, security policies, procedures and protocols, regular and contemporary training schedules, as well as interdiction and reactionary methodologies and practices.

Security remains a significant factor of transportation commerce, and while many companies are eager to sell technology in an attempt to address mounting concerns, fundamentally addressing inefficiencies coupled with hard number assessment of security implementations are rarely performed. This oversight too often results in overly static and grossly expensive solutions incapable of scaling or pivoting to meet the dynamic threat environment and commonly unsustainable over the long term.   

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