Video Software

Video software can be divided into two segments:

  1. Server Software
  2. PC Client Software

Server Software

Patronus Laboratories Surlytics VMS software is highly reliable service.  Our server software runs as a modular services with no user interface.  This model separates core server functions from the Client interface to:
  • Maximize up time of each module,
  • Minimize the restart time in the unlikely event of a module lockup,
  • Minimize the users ability to cause a service interruption (no direct user interface),
  • Create an simple environment for third party software integration,
  • Create a simple environment for Patronus Labs to customize our software for unique user requirements.

Client Software

Patronus Laboratories Surlytics VMS Client software runs as a seperate application from our server service.  Surlytics VMS Client software can be installed on the Server or any remote network connected system.  Surlytics VMS Client software is designed for rapid customization as required to meet customer requirements.  Surlytics VMS has been engineered to provide operators the most effective interface to complete their primary tasks:

1. Dynamic local and remote live viewing,
2. Quick and intuitive playback,
3. Advanced forensic search tools,
4. Simple export to multiple formats (JPEG, PDF, MKV, AVI, EXE).

In addition to the above highly tuned functions, Surlytics VMS implements several dozen features, macros and rules that increase the surveillance system and operator capability and efficiency.  Check out the two documents below for more information.

Surlytics VMS Datasheet
Surlytics VMS Features

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